As pro-life filmmakers, we see the definite need in our society for a change in hearts and minds, a change in our culture, and a change in our laws. A major theme of this need for change is the problem of duality.

Duality in the Culture

Imagine a pregnant woman who has never heard of abortion, and is unfamiliar with the controversy. All she knows is that she won’t be able to take care of the baby. A friend tells her to go to Planned Parenthood, claiming that they help women. The woman follows through, takes the advice of Planned Parenthood, and has the abortion. Six months later, her pastor preaches on the issue, stating that abortion is murder –she can’t help but feel guilty. In mainstream media and university campuses, it’s nearly political correctness to be pro-choice. In religion, it’s regarded as a sin. So understandably, many people aren’t clear about whether abortion is right or wrong and consider it a gray issue. That’s where The Matter of Life comes in. This documentary is an opportunity for audiences to see abortion as a problem that transcends political stance and spiritual arguments.

Duality in the Law

Despite ages of progress and advancement in understanding, western society is currently muddled in its perception of the unborn. Biologically, human life begins at the moment of conception (when sperm and ovum meet). Everything that we eventually become starts in that moment. The DNA from mother and father combine to make a unique person.

In legal terms, however, a human being becomes a person at the moment of birth. And yet there is an inconsistency in our system today– if a pregnant woman on her way to an abortion clinic is struck and killed by another driver, it’s considered a double-homicide. That is a legal schizophrenia that our culture seems to have blindly accepted.

The medical field is experiencing the same confusion. In a hospital room, fetal surgery takes place to repair a condition (typically between 19 and 26 weeks of gestation), while an abortionist across the street can be ending the life of someone at the same gestation…or even later. Yes, abortion at 9 months is still legal in the United States and there are clinics that offer them.

Duality in the Mind

In some cases, women believe they are doing the right thing for their child by having an abortion. They consider the threatening circumstances around them and decide that it’s better to end the life than bring that person into a world of harmful relationships or financial instability. A woman might ask, what other choice do I have?

Adoption is a life-giving choice, and a chance for many want-to-be parents to have a child. Open adoption even offers the birth-mother some connection with the child throughout his life. Adoption is a difficult, painful option for a mother, but it’s also a brave, sacrificial choice that leaves room for joy and hope. However, women in crisis pregnancies often feel that they could never part with their baby, or don’t trust anyone else to be good enough parents. They somehow see ending the life as a way of saving the life.

We all understand that it’s excruciating for a woman to be severed from her baby. What we don’t all realize is that nothing accomplishes that severance more than abortion.

As filmmakers, we want to help people! Yet we don’t want to condemn– or worse, bore them. Our vision for this film is to address society’s need for clarity, while using our passion for creating a beautiful, memorable experience.

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