The Matter of Life will be set apart from other pro-life documentaries in that it will empathize with “pro-abortion.” It will address common arguments and concerns. It will convey the pro-life message with logic, science and history through different experts, and with narration.
And it will be the first to describe what abortion actually does. A former abortionist will carefully describe the different procedures.
The audience will certainly learn what they need to know about Planned Parenthood, but will also see pro-life organizations making an impact.
It will also feature some incredible personal stories:

 A birth mom in Ventura who fell in love with an adoptive family to give her son to.
 – A woman in Tennessee with radical love for her son with special needs.
 – A couple in Missouri who witnessed the stunning sight of their baby miscarried at just 14 weeks.
 – A single mom in Wyoming who got pregnant from a tragic rape but chose life for her daughter.
– Lastly, a powerful sequence of abortion testimonies from letters written by men.

So where do you come in? Prayer warriors, please pray for this project and everyone involved. Defending life is first a spiritual battle.

Secondly, we aren’t out to film a presentation; we’re creating a compelling, beautiful movie-going experience. And to make something beautiful comes with costs –like travel, equipment, and our talented crew.
So we’re asking pro-lifers to please consider making a donation towards the filming. Donations are completely tax-deductible and include perks!

In addition to film festivals, The Matter of Life will have special event screenings in theaters across the country. After that, the film will be available online, on DVD, and streaming options like Amazon and iTunes, and we’ll also submit to Netflix.

Just like the pro-life movement, The Matter of Life is grassroots.
It’s being funded by people who wish to reach culture with the case for life. When we started fundraising in January 2016, we started at $0, but people just started giving.  So far, $20,000 has been donated! We are so grateful to all who have taken part in this filmmaking mission.

To launch filming this year, we only need $30,000 more by the beginning of July 2017. It sounds like a lot, but that’s the same as a thousand people giving $30, or 300 people giving $100. Every amount counts.


Currently, we are having a Father’s Day sale. When people give just $25 or more, they’ll get their name in the credits and later receive a digital download of the movie. For those that can’t give, we invite you to “like” us on Facebook and please share this project with your friends.