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A Grassroots Film to Bring “the Case for Life” to Culture

By Tracy Robinson on June 9, 2017   0 Comment   Film   ,

The Matter of Life will be set apart from other pro-life documentaries in that it will empathize with “pro-abortion.” It will address common arguments and concerns. It will convey the pro-life message with logic, science and history through different experts, and with narration. And it will be the first to descr...

The Heart of the Matter

By Tracy Robinson on January 30, 2017   0 Comment   Film  

In making this documentary, I read a lot on the abortion issue, from both sides and various angles. And the more I learn, the bigger the flame beneath my flat feet. But, oh my goodness! Being in a quiet space, the Internet off, away from headlines, and reading books fetal development — that aren't about abortion ...

Speak Up

By Tracy Robinson on December 30, 2016   0 Comment   Film  

“Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.” Proverbs 31:8 Without a doubt, that verse stood out to me this morning. But I was reading from the NLT Bible version, which was a little more hard-hitting: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;...

Let’s Clear Up the Abortion Issue

By Tracy Robinson on December 23, 2016   0 Comment   Film  

As pro-life filmmakers, we see the definite need in our society for a change in hearts and minds, a change in our culture, and a change in our laws. A major theme of this need for change is the problem of duality. Duality in the Culture Imagine a pregnant woman who has never heard of abortion, and is unfamilia...


By Tracy Robinson on December 15, 2016   0 Comment   Film  

The Apathy I once thought that I couldn’t pull it off –I couldn’t fathom how I could make a pro-life documentary that would even come close to reaching a broad audience. I considered it useless to pursue a topic so sensitive, highly emotional, and taboo. Essentially, I didn’t see an endpoint to the debate. ...


By Tracy Robinson on December 8, 2016   0 Comment   Film  

I listen to the same Christmas songs every year, and the age old lyrics resonate with new meaning based on the season or circumstance in my life. Driving through LA traffic on Friday night contrasted nicely with the calm Silent Night reverberating in my car. This time the words "Lord at thy birth" stuck out. Obvi...