Clutter Cleaning Tips

A Clean Living Space After Getting Rid of Clutter.

How to Get Rid of Clutter

How to Get Rid of Clutter in your Home I come from a family of certified pack-rats. We had several junk drawers and even a whole junk room in my house when I was a kid! Before my Mom reads this and gets mad, I should mention that my parents were hard working, frugal and…

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Tips to Help Remove Clutter.

Tips to Start Removing Clutter

How to Remove Clutter from Your Home Where do you start? If you are being buried in your own clutter, than it may be time to do the impossible – get rid of it! Most experts (and housewives too) agree that getting rid of clutter is essential if you have any prayer of getting the…

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A Clean, Organized and Inviting Living Room.

Organizing Clutter in Your Home

How to Organize Clutter No matter what your personal style or preferences are, we all have clutter (to some degree or another) in rooms throughout the house and we all want to get rid of it. Clutter is a nuisance, not just because you can’t find anything, it can also lead you to feel anxious…

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Organized Books on a Shelf After Organizing Room.

Decluttering and Organizing your Home

Decluttering and Organizing your Home The truth is that over time we can accumulate “stuff”. Maybe you’re not a hoarder. Most of us aren’t…but there are a select few people, such as myself, that have quite a few things lying around, which can makes us look like borderline hoarders. Some of our belongings have sentimental…

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Cameras. Books. Tupperware. How to Conquer Clutter.

10 Commandments of Clutter Control

How to Conquer Clutter and Keep it Under Control Most of us just have too much clutter and junk in our homes. Clutter allows dust, dirt, grime, germs and allergens to accumulate in our homes, creating a potentially unhealthy environment. It is also visually unappealing, and gives off negative vibes. Congratulations on your new commitment…

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Organizing Clutter Around the House.

Tips to Declutter and Organize

How to Organize Your Clutter We’ve all had the experience of walking into a home (ours or someone else’s) and feeling like chaos reigns. All of us have some junk lying around here and there but some of us have our share of more than just a little. When we have more clutter around the…

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Boxes Used to Organize Around the House.

How to Organize and Declutter your Home

Tips for Organizing and De Cluttering Around the House Let’s face it – “clutter happens” and clutter is one of the biggest time-wasters of your house keeping duties. Usually clutter is a result of not taking care of a task at the point of origin – i.e., tossing junk mail, filing important documents such as…

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Tips for Reducing Clutter Like This Clutter Free Kitchen.

Tips To Help Reduce Clutter

Tips to Help Reduce Clutter Did you know that clutter is scientifically proven to raise stress levels? I, for one, don’t need more stress in my life. Clutter is defined as “a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass” and it’s something we don’t need to live with – but clutter seems to…

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Man Throwing Papers in the Air as There is Too Much Paper Clutter.

How to Control Paper Clutter

How to Control your Paper Clutter When my children were young, I was absolutely amazed at the amount of clutter that grew everywhere in my home. Not only were their toys and books scattered about but another culprit, PAPER! All kinds of paper too. Newspapers, ads, coupons, flyers, magazines, junk mail, good mail, bills and…

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Nice Clean Living Room After Cleaning and Decluttering.

Clearing and Decluttering Your Home

Clearing and Decluttering Your Home Do you “live” in your house? Or does the clutter “live” in your house? Sometimes you might have a hard time trying to figure this one out. Maybe it’s been so long it has become a lifestyle. Maybe you’re thinking it may haunt you forever? Do you have family that…

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