House Cleaning Checklists

Character Images of Kids Jumping and Playing Fun Activities.

Fun Activities Checklist for Kids

Fun Outdoor Activities for Your Kids Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. Scheduling outdoor time with the kids is a great opportunity to get out and let our little ones start exploring nature!  It’s important especially with screen time being popular as of late. And by screen time I mean watching TV, playing games or watching…

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Boy Playing in Winter Snow.

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing for the Cold Winter Months Ahead Winter is coming which means we’ll be spending more time indoors to avoid the wet and cold outdoors. To get ready for those long dark days of winter make sure your home is prepared to be the warm cozy sanctuary you want it to be. Heating Maintenance Get…

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Free Move Out House Cleaning Checklist.

Move Out House Cleaning Checklist

Move Out House Cleaning Checklist The last thing on your mind when you’ve spent so much time packing, moving, unpacking – – is cleaning the place you just moved from. Moving out of a home, whether it’s a house or an apartment, can be a lot of stress. I’ve been there a few times. I’m…

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Two Girls Sitting on Bench at Park After Doing Their Weekly Chores.

Weekly Chore Chart for Kids

Weekly Chore Chart for Kids This is a simple list of items in a weekly chore chart for elementary school aged children. Using a chore chart is a great way to help your children learn about responsibility and create good habits. Your kids will know what they need to do at a glance. They can…

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Clean Dishware Sitting on Countertop.

House Cleaning Chore Checklist

House Cleaning Chore Checklist With our busy schedules, who has time to think about what needs to be done. If you like going to concerts in the park with your friends and entertaining afterwards, you may find yourself frantically running around the house willy nilly cleaning one area but forgetting another all together. And this…

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Free Monthly Chore List for Kids.

Monthly Chore Chart for Kids

Monthly Chore Chart for Kids This is a basic checklist that can be customized for your child depending on age and your expectations. A chore chart will help remind your children of the chores they need to take care of that you’ve assigned to them. Instead of you being the meanie, keep this list in…

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A Daily To Do List.

Daily To Do List

Daily To Do List If you are like most people, lists are a must to get and stay on task. These days I feel like I can’t accomplish much without them. I’m so busy, my thoughts are going in ever which direction. I typically start filling mine out the night before as I think of…

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Free To Do Checklist.

Free To Do Check List

Free To Do Check List Quite often I have felt overwhelmed with the amount of things I have to do. I remember it leaving me feeling like I’m forgetting something important, I don’t have enough time, and leaving me stressed out. When I started writing down all the things I needed to do and the…

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A Blank Weekly Chore Chart for Kids.

Blank Weekly/Daily Kids Chore List

Blank Weekly/Daily Kids Chore List Help get you and your kids organized with a daily chore chart. This free weekly chore chart can be individualized and used for multiple kids in the house. There are four charts per page with a section for the week and a place for one of the child’s name. You…

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Free Cleaning Chore List for Kids.

Free Kids Cleaning Chore List

Free Kids Cleaning Chore List Here is a free handy chore list for young children. The chores we have listed are easy starters to help your kids get inspired to learn responsibility and maybe have some fun doing it. How to use this Kids Cleaning Chore List Chores are listed in rows the days are…

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